In addition to 8 semesters of experience as a Teaching Assistant for University of Arizona science courses, I’ve been extensively involved in STEM community outreach for over five years.

The excellent science outreach programs listed below are programs with which I’ve been most heavily involved. These programs give kids and adults opportunities to creatively learn science hands-on. I’m happy to get to be a part of that! Here are program descriptions and links…

University of Arizona’s Insect Discovery Program

– We teach biological principles to undergraduates while they teach them to 1st- through 3rd-graders. We use insects as our teaching tools and undergraduate teaching power to share ideas with younger kids.

University of Arizona’s Sky School

– We extend opportunities for K-12 students to experience science firsthand by designing their own inquiry-based experiments on Tucson’s beautiful Mount Lemmon.

Satori Summer Camp

-This is a summer program for kids ages 4-8 who attend Satori School during the year. Kathleen Walker and the Insect Discovery crew bring educational bug activities for a whole week of buggy fun day camp!

A bunch of annual outreach events!

– Tucson Festival of Books, UA’s Insect Festival, Tucson Hebrew Academy STEM Night, Desert Willow’s Family Science Night, Hollaway Elementary’s Family STEAM Night

Previous Annual STEM Outreach Events

– Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute’s (CDRI’s) Bug Day, High School Science Fairs, University of Texas Fright at the Museum, Explore UT